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Stephen Mark Lukas NASM CPT.BCS, PN1

As a NASM-certified Personal Trainer, Behavior Change Specialist and Precision Nutrition Coach, I specialize in working with elite performers- actors. singers, and dancers- who seek to create more strength, stamina and ease in their work. I am uniquely attuned to the aesthetic needs of performers, and I seek to build programs the address function as well as appearance.


My coaching philosophy is built on a deep knowledge of biomechanics- the study of the body's anatomy and movement capabilities. Workouts will include endurance, strength, and mobility exercises to prepare your body to perform its best.  We'll work together to build a warm up, cool down, and conditioning protocol specific to your body and your current muscle imbalances. 

In weekly coaching sessions, we'll review your workout progress as well as holistic considerations such as sleep, hydration, daily habits, and other behavioral actors that may be hindering efficient movement. 

My research is especially focused on strength training for singers- and how to alter the body aesthetically and functionally without interfering with the vocal mechanism. We'll work together to strengthen the muscles of breathing, support, and posture in order to develop a free and unencumbered voice while addressing goals related to body composition, strength, and balance.

Nutrition coaching based on the Precision Nutrition model is available at an additional cost, or as part of a complete coaching package. Our sessions will focus on developing a concrete plan of action to alter body composition and improve overall health starting in the first 4 weeks. Through our sessions, we'll strategize complete, lasting changes in the way you eat that will help you look and feel your best- without "dieting" or following a "meal plan."



$120.00/ 1 Hour session






$75/ 45 minute session


Thanks for your interest! I'll get back to you shortly. 

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